MBAJ architecture is now

Sure we think it’s clever
and maybe even more memorable than MBAJ (after all, you can’t transpose a single word and there are 24 different ways to transpose MBAJ). But the reason we are changing our name is because we are realigning our trajectory for the future. We are rebranding our firm to reflect our most important organizational value: that clients and the people that occupy our client’s buildings are the central focus of Boomerang Design.

You have to admit,
it probably wasn’t exactly what you were expecting. But it has a certain charm. And what do we all know about boomerangs… that they return to their origin. Just like our clients do. If you’ve ever thrown a boomerang, you can rely on that simple fact: boomerangs return.

We hope our new name
makes you smile a little and think a lot. Specifically, we want you to think about how successful was your last project? Did it advance your mission? Are the occupants inspired by the space and eager to return?

Boomerang Design